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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

When I started my journey in becoming a permanent makeup artist, I began by only offering Microblading. Initially, I was turned off from even becoming an artist because the first few courses were not up to par with the basic sanitation required as a tattoo artist. Being that I had a medical background, it was a huge surprise that the anatomy of the face as to the nerves and bone structure were not even discussed.

I decided to continue practicing on fake skin until I was comfortable working on clients. I feel like many artists just jump right into it right after taking a course because of the excitement or because you’re trying to make money. I definitely believe that you should not become a permanent make up artist or a tattoo artist if you’re only chasing the money it should definitely be a passion if you’re not passionate about it you won’t deliver results your clients really deserve.

I began to understand that microblading is not for every skin type and not every person. To be honest, I try and talk clients out of Microblading because of the long term effects. It requires more touch ups/sessions which in return cause more scar tissue. It’s definitely a more painful procedure than ombré or powder cosmetic tattooing and the healing takes a bit longer because you are actual slicing of the skin open.

Due to the skin being open in this manner, the client is more at risk of infections and scarring. A lot of people do not realize how much they touch their face. I see it with my own clients, the Microblading is freshly done, they walk over to the mirror and run their fingers across the brows after I just reminded them to make sure they wash their hands.

I suggest Nano brows so that you have a hair like look that lasts longer than just Microblading.

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