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Tooth Gems

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Shaped Crystals

Starting at $50


Available in Silver and Gold
Starting at $50

Crystal Designs

Starting at $50

Tooth Gems: Services

FAQ and Aftercare

Tooth Gems: FAQ

Does it Hurt?'s the same process as placing brackets when you have braces. There is no drilling, no pain.

The process takes about 10-15. If you are getting multiple gems then it can take up to 30 minutes

How long do they last?

Depending on your aftercare can be 1 month to a year. You can wait for them to fall off or have your local dentist remove them when you are ready.

Can anyone get tooth gem?

The type of glue that adheres a crystal to your teeth is only compatible with organic material. In other words, a tooth gem can only adhere to your natural tooth. If you have a veneer, denture, or dental implant where you want to apply a gem, the glue won’t apply correctly, and your gem won’t last.

How to prepare for your appointment?

Eat prior to your appointment
Please wash your teeth and floss
Avoid citrus food 6 hours prior to your appointment


Do Not play with gems with your fingers or tongue
Do Not eat or drink anything (besides water) for 2 hours after tooth gems have been placed
Do Not brush teeth for 12 hours after appointment
Do Not use electronic toothbrush for 2 days after gems are placed
Do not chew gem, eat chewy or hard  food for 24 hours after gems are placed
When it's time to brush teeth be sure to clean around the gems to avoid build up.

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