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Choose the right brow service

When it comes to permanent makeup, in particularly eyebrows, there are several techniques to choose from. This can be very confusing for a client and if you are a new cosmetic artist this will be confusing for you as well.

Where are my manners! Let me introduce myself....I'm Em Rocha. The owner of Tat2ed Beauty here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been in the tattoo industry for over 10 years as a tattoo shop manager and have been doing permanent makeup in Las Vegas for over 7 years.

Microblading is for those who want a natural looking hair stroke on the brows. This can be done with your natural brows or bare brows. If you have oily skin or a prior solid or powder brow, microblading is not the way to go. It will fade out, heal very thick or not cover the prior work. If you have health issues such as high blood pressure, taking blood thinners, diabetic please stay away from microblading. There will be more blood coming out than pigment going in and it will leave you with scars. Microblading is very superficial so it will require more touch-ups than other brow services. Lasts 6 months to 1 year before requiring a color maintenance session.

Nano Brows or combination brows is a technique that uses both manual and machine techniques. It can be used on skin that is oily. Depending on the previous brows; it can be used to cover up prior work. Combination brows is a few hair strokes and shading the rest of the brow. These last longer than microblading but less than powder or ombre brows. Last 1-3 years

Ombre brows are for those to desire that makeup look. The brows are outlined and often the brows goes from light to dark from head of brow to tail. Ombre brows are great for coverup of prior work, less maintenance and scarring. Last 3-5 years

Powder brows are a soft shading for those who desire bolder brows without the outline. The entire brow will have a pixelated look to give the brows a fuller and bolder look. Powder can cover up microblading. Last 3-5 years

Ombre and Powder brows is what I suggest for those who need cover up work, are more prone to bleeding or don't want to have 1 yearly maintenance sessions.

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