Em Rocha

Tat2ed Beauty Owner

Em Rocha:

I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. After high school I studied and graduated as a medical assistant; where I works in primary care, ob/gyn and dermatology. I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada after meeting my husband in 2005. I help open the original Seven Tattoo Studio in 2012 and worked as shop manager. In 2016, I took my first of many microblading courses. Since then, I have taken courses with plastic surgeons, master permanent make up artists Boujee Brows, famous tattoo artist, Liz Cook and Sean Brown. I believe that everybody deserves to feel great about who they are, the way they look, and our variety of services is suitable for every need.

I became very passionate about giving woman who have had to battle cancer a piece of them back. To those who have never encountered the brutal pain of cancer it really takes away what we woman have our breast. Regardless of size, it's very special to us. Mastectomies take away areola and or nipples. I tattoo them back on but I offer my clients choices that plastic surgeons are not skilled in.  

I truly love what I do, I go in depth medically with each client to ensure you are the right candidate for the service.